the map is finished.

31 stops, 158 hours driving, 8,419 miles & 26 states.


                So for those of you who don’t know, Briana Arocho,
                Katie Possage && myself are taking a cross country
                 road trip for 23 days. We are leaving on Thursday,
               July 19th and will be returning Sunday, August 11th. 

 How we came up with the route for our trip was simple. We got the map, researched places we wanted to go, then rated them on how badly we wanted to see each place and finally connected the dots. As you can see below, is our super corny map legend. Our “non-negotiables” were places we would not agree to miss, “high-priority” are places we really wanted to see and “low-priority” are places we could live without. Oh and of course christian gray gets his own color & priority level.

So this time next week Thursday July 19th at 8:00 we’ll be in Gary, the blue 4 door honda civic, beginning our pretty awesome adventure.

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