escape to the open road.

We escaped the Extended-Stay Deluxe, Austin by 7:30. Unable to shower or use any of the amenities of the room, due to the bug coverage, we used baby wipes to clean up and bottled water to brush our teeth. After such a horrible sleeping experience we lucked out and had the most amazing breakfast for $3 each at this cute little breakfast shop in Austin.

After breakfast at Carrob's we made our way down to 6th street.

& then we drove an hour to the Alamo.

After seeing the Alamo we headed Mesa Verda, which took us the entire night to drive to. We didn’t arrive to Colorado until 5:45. We drove on one lane highways that

stretched hundreds & hundreds of miles before seeing any sign a civilization.

We drove through New Mexico, which was very much the same long lonely stretches of roads, and in the middle of the night drove on the scariest road I’ve ever driven on. I saw the stars like I’ve never seen them before, so unbelievably bright that a picture couldn’t even show how beautiful it was. And finally arrived to see the sunrise at Mesa Verda. He’s some of the things we saw on the way.

If anyone could please tell me what Extended means. It’s shown in the upper left corner where my 3G is supposed to be

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