we drove to California from Philadelphia, that actually happened.

After another exciting night in Las Vegas we made our leave at

8:00 in the morning & headed for California.

But first, Gary needed a quick bath.

&& then we did it. We made it across the country.

Anyone want to try && pronounce that for me?
We made our way to go see the Sequoia Trees, but were unable to drive all the way up north to the park with the oldest tree in the country due to the time. It would have taken us 7 hours to drive there and we wouldn’t make it until after it got dark so we had to come up with something else. We instead compromised and chose to go to Sequoia National Monument which was only 3 hours away & we hoped for the best.
We stopped at this super cute, really tasty little restaurant inside of Sequoia National Park.
&& then continued our drive on in search of the monument.
Katie had to stop and pee.
AND THEN we found out we drove 3 and a half hours to see this..……
So, we continued on after Nuvi the GPS failed us again.
Then we made it. After driving 3 and a half pointless hours out of the way plus another 3 to make it to LA, we finally made it && are staying at this beautiful angels house. Thanks Beth + Susan (beth’s mom on the right)
Tomorrow, we explore LA.

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