LA by the beth’s dashboard light.

With Beth as our tour guide, we left the house around 10:30 to go exploring.

We went to breakfast at Beth’s country club before hitting the sights.

Obviously stopping at the Kardashian/Jenner’s gate to sneak a peak on our way down Sunset Boulevard.

Beth then took us to Venice Beach which was super cool. They had a board walk that also was attached to a skate park, graffiti beach and a basket ball court. They had a bazaar set up on the walk way and part of the beach. Oh && you could get your medical marijuana license on the spot for $40.

&& then we obviously ran into the water like little children, so excited that we made it to the complete edge of the country.

After hanging at Venice Beach, we headed to see some of the nicer parts of LA.

Swarovski crystal street signs, nbd. 
Georgetown Cupcake watch out, Sprinkles has a cupcake ATM.

&& the line was so ridiculously long katie and bri went to Crumbs instead and had some dessert.

We went to lunch at the farmers market at Third & Fairfax.

After, we went exploring again.

&& found the Playboy Mansion!!!
Katie tried to convince a tourist bus that she worked then & they ask her why she was taking pictures if she worked there. It was really funny, maybe its one of those things were you just had to be there.

Then we saw the valley.

This is Jonah Hill's house. He lives across the street from Beth. 
They eat kosher meals together. 
Here is Beth. She is charging her car.

Beth hooked us up with a party bus to take us Hollywood, and back.
The club we went to was called Supper Club, which was located on Hollywood Boulevard.

And this is what was the after math was...

Sunday, we’re off to the beach & are en-route to San Francisco.

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