after 16 hours we made it to Chicago.

After our final drive through the night we made it to Wisconsin. We got tired so we pulled over in Minnesota && slept in a Holiday Inn parking lot. Bri couldn’t sleep so was so scared & I slept with my BB gun in my hand. Katie slept completely sound.

&& then we finally made it Chicago after driving 16 hours & stopping to sleep for 3.

We checked in to our last hotel, which happened to be a Holiday Inn, around 15:00. After showering && resting, we went out around 19:00 to explore Chicago. We had to check out the famous deep dish pizza shop, Uno.
There was a 45 minute wait. So we waked down the block to their other store called Due.

There was no wait. But it takes 45 minutes to cook the pizza. 

After the super delicious pizza, we went and found the closest bar to have a beer && whined up getting some cider instead.

The view from the lake was absolutely beautiful.

Katie had to get her daily ice cream fix, so after the bar we hit up a local ice cream shop that conveniently stays open till 4:00am.

We headed back to the Holiday Inn for our last stay hotel stay around 3:00am and are planning to get up by 7:30 to go see some more of Chicago.

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