Packing to find Nemo

So I’ve decided to travel to Australia & this time I’ve roped my best Asian into coming with me. I am going for 4 weeks and I have packed the following:

18 shirts:6 pairs of shorts:3 dresses: 6 bikinis: 3 pairs of shoes

Squeezed into 5 zip locked baggies

Shoved into 1 duffle bag: ready to go.

We haven’t made any plans on where we are staying, how we are getting from place to place, the only thing we have planned is a date that we have to get to Sydney by. But don’t worry, we’ve got these sweet modern fanny packs to keep our shit safe:

They are called Hipsisters, don’t be too jealous. If you are jealous, I’ll be selling them in the store so you can buy them at BanglesnBows.

One thought on “Packing to find Nemo

  1. Jessica Anziano says:

    You are the bravest girl I know!(besides your mom for “letting” you go! LOL Be safe! And most of all have fun!! Love you!!!!!!! XOXOXO

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