25 hours later… & a lot of rain.

We left out of JFK at 6:45pm, made out way to LA, had an hour lay over and then a 13hr flight to Brisbane. (Pronounced Briz_bin, apparently they don’t like sounding out the letter “r” here) We got a lot of free alcohol on the flight which was a big plus; flying Quantas was really awesome, big seats.


After the 13 hr flight into Brisbane, we rushed to catch another flight via Virgin to Cairns (pronounced Cans) Upon arrival we were welcomed by a Monsoon.
After we got our bags, we bought the first bus leaving the airport, which happened to took us into city center. When we got into the center of town we walked up to the first travel agency we saw. Had them book us a hostel for 17$ a night and made our way from there.
TRAVELERS NOTE: do not go into the travel agency’s that are close to the bus stop. If you walk a couple of blocks down, you’ll find better deals.



⬇️⬇️Erika swinging in a tree ⬇️⬇️


Their money is pretty sweet: it’s made of plastic so it’s water proof & it doesn’t crease when you fold it.


It’s also see through in parts to prevent counterfeiting.


Also there’s kangaroo scrotums everywhere for tourist like us to buy

Naturally, Erika bought one.

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