About Me:

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Hi im Caitlin Quirk.

or if you’re my friend on Facebook friend then you’ll know me as                                                        Caitlin Quack.                       Back in the days when you were supposed to hide your real name on the internet, I used Quack as my alias to protect myself from stalkers, crazies and the boogie man. It kinda just stuck, hence the name of the blog.

I am a 24y/o rebellious spirit who started blogging because it was convenient. && by convenient I mean more so than having to re-tell all my travel stories to 13 family members. It was purely used for when I went on an adventure but lately I’ve decided I have more to tell.

I own a store on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ called Bangles N Bows where I sell kids stuff to tourists. I started doing that in 2013. I also am an ice janitor for the Philadelphia Flyers. My actual title is Ice Girl but I seldom announce that to people since they assume I am a cheerleader, which I am not. I’ve been on the team since 2009.

Like any person in their mid-twenties, whenever I think I have a plan for my life figured out, I have a panic attack and shit catches fire. So don’t let my business person’s cover fool you. While those panic attacks make me feel like I’m dying, I don’t mind them too much because they have forced me to continuously grow as a person.

In this blog you’ll find:

Places I’ve been & the inherently idiotic things I’ve done while traveling

While traveling is my favorite hobby, currently I am too poor and too tied down to take any big adventures but next time I do, y’all will be the first to know. My past travels however, are pretty entertaining and some post are worth the read. (I highly recommend this one) Lots of photos and thoughts filled with grammatical errors, they are my memories and thanks to technology, I’ll always be able to have them to share.

Thing’s I’ve learned as a small business owner or as relatively young human being

In my growth I’ve decided I wanted to share some things with the internet population. When starting my business I found little layman’s help regarding the grown-up shit I’d face as a business owner. My aim is to help some young & stupid yet eager entrepreneurs through some business related things that I couldn’t find on the internet. You’ll also see some post regarding some of my thoughts on things that probably no one wants to read but I’ve laced with my dry sense of humor to entice a click or two.

Photo’s I’ve taken, including my artistic take on “selfies”

I like taking pictures and my favorite way to take pictures is to take angles that most of my friends make fun of me for taking. Lately I’ve been intrigued by selfies and how stupid most people’s look. I can only hope that my posts encourage others to get creative with their selfie shots.

Stuff I’ve created and by created I sometimes mean trash picked and made pretty

I love using power tools and building shit. I’m not a fan of painting, however I am a fan of shellacing things. Sometimes things I make from scratch other times I find in the trash to repurpose.

You can also follow me on insta: /caitlinquirk                                                                        I am also on twatter: /caitlinquack  but seldom twat unless to bitch about                  someone’s driving ability.

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