highway one, paradise.

Today was our last day in Los Angeles, so Beth took us to the beach.

We went to Paradise Cove in Malibu, where Baywatch was filmed.

After a short trip to the beach we had to leave && head to San Fransisco. Obviously do excited but we thought Gary should look good for San Fran so we gave him a bath.

Then, we hit up the infamous Highway 1. When I say it was

beautiful, that’s an understatement.

Pictures truly don’t do it justice. By far, this has been my favorite thing to see.

&& of course we had to get out an go play on the rocks. 

&& then it was back to the road.

We watched the sunset on the side of the road, on this private vista we found.

So┬ácorny, I don’t care, we found this heart shaped rock that was cracked into three pieces & we obviously took it as fate and kept them.

After we watched the sunset, we got back on the road && had to finish our drive to San Francisco in the pitch dark.

At least we had a lighthouse to illuminate the way.

We had dinner at Denny’s. Clearly a perfect fit for us as you can see by the Philly tour of America menu. Bri was super excited for the meal, as you can see by the picture below.

Today was probably my favorite sight seeing day thus far. The beach and the view off highway 1 were the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. ┬áHonestly pictures don’t come close to actually experiencing it. It was the midpoint of our trip and do far my favorite day. We reached our hotel in San Francisco at 1:30 in the morning. Tomorrow we explore.

23 hours later,

We left Philadelphia at 20:00 and drove to Washington D.C. && had to pit stop for an hour since the rain was so bad. We arrived to deserted streets at 00:20 and set off in search of the White House. Found it, couldn’t take a picture since it was so dark, decided to leave && then drive all the way to New Orleans,

through 5 states, stopping for gas 5 times && driving for 19 hours,

&& arrived at 19:25 on Friday, July 20th.






Checked in to the Holiday Inn, rested for a bit, then went down to Bourbon Street.









Our bags are packed, and here we go!

It’s 20:21 and we’re off!


The car is completely packed without any space to spare and we are in route to Washington D.C. We aren’t in the most ideal energized state, but nothing can get our excitement and anticipation to settle down. And this time tomorrow we’ll be in New Orleans!!!!!