Off to play with some dingos.

Woke up to a banging on the car door. It was the police inquiring as to why we were camping in a restricted lot. Being young American girls has it’s perks because everyone else in the world assumes we’re idiots so I played it to my advantage, which helped us avoided a 500$ fine.
Caitlin 6 – Aussie 6
After out escape, had a very nice relaxing day at the Noosa doggie beach. The weather was more than ideal, and we just hung in the back lagoon and played with the doggies all day.




Yes, most of the men here wear speedos, regardless of their weight.


We had to pack up and shower earlier, because we had to be in Rainbow Beach for our Fraser Island briefing by 4:30 which was an hour north of Noosa. We showered && grabbed some food. For the first time since we’ve gotten here we ate food we actually enjoyed. FYI: the food in this country suckkkks. Had some delicious pizZzzza here tho.


Followed by THE BEST ICE CREAM I’VE EVER EATEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE. Not to sound cocky or anything, but I’m kind of an ice cream connoisseur. I know it’s pretty impressive. And this my friends, is the best ice cream on earth. It’s made with liquid nitrogen so it’s the freshest ice cream you can eat. They mix the ingredients in the mixer (eggs, cream && some other ingredients depending on the flavor you picked) and pour liquid nitrogen into the mixer so it immediately turns to ice cream!!! It’s seriously so smooth in your mouth it feels like butter. Don’t be too jealous guys, I plan on opening up a franchise when I get back to the states so you can all try it 🙂




I got the salty carmely popcorn:


&& Erika got Honeycomb cream Alaska


After that life changing experience, we headed to Rainbow beach for our briefing. Ya so we signed up for this trip, didn’t really know what we we’re doing, but everyone we talked to told us we had to check it out so now we’re here. Apparently we are going to the worlds largest sand island for 3 days that has no electricity, wild dingos that can eat you, && we’re sleeping on the beach. We get to take these 4×4 trucks and drive on the beach around the island during the day, and at night apparently it’s just a huge party with 150 other backpackers and we all sleep on the beach. When we got to Rainbow, they talked to is about all the things that could kill you, then immediately after insisted on us drinking. We’ll be on this remote island for 3 days, without being able to contact anyone so I’ll see you guys in 3 days, possibly 🙂 Byeeeeeeeee

An electric Valentines Day in Noosa.

I electrocuted myself this morning with the blow dryer. I wish I was kidding. I only have myself to blame. I was using my blow dryer from home and it clearly says you cannot use it on a lower voltage. But I’ve been using it this whole time fine, but not today.
Caitlin 5 – Aussie 6
We left Byron Bay (south of Brisbane) & headed back up the coast. We kinda are doubling back from Brisbane, but the only day we could get booked for our Fraser Island (north of Brisbane) tour was for the 16-18th so we had to head down to Byron’s, to get that out of the way so that we’d have enough time to make it to Sydney before Erika goes home on the 22nd.


First we stopped and stocked up the van with some goodies at Coles (supermarket). FYI : they don’t have escalators here with stairs, instead they’re flat, which makes it very hard to stand on if you have any type of luggage. Except it’s pretty cool when you have a shopping cart on it because it locks it from moving until you’re ready to get off. What’s not so cool is how expensive shit is here: see below for a good laugh.





Ummm no I don’t think that’s correct:


This is also the largest box of Oreos you can buy. Incase you were also wondering, they don’t carry sugary cereal here, so no lucky charms.


After that adventure we made or way to Noosa Heads. We made a quick detour to Ninbin, which everyone is claiming to be the Amsterdam of Australia. They are all dumb. It’s nothing like Amsterdam. You cannot buy weed “legally” in the stores and it’s one street with about 5 shops with a buncha aborigines trying to sell you pot in the alleyways. It was cool to see I guess, but I don’t think it was worth stopping for, since it put us 2 hours out of the way. Anywho here’s some shots we snapped from around the town:







Next stop Noosa. Mom you would have loved this place. The town was so pretty, every tree they had light up at night and they had killer shopping. Expensive, but honestly it wasn’t that much more than Byron Bay & it was 10x nicer.




Not to mention they had the most killer sunset;




truly living up to the name of the Sunshine Coast


Me & Erika scored an amazing parking spot which is where we slept, here is a view from out our back window:
Caitlin 6 – Aussie 6


Since it was Valentines day, we got all dressed up and decided to go out for a nice dinner.


butttt of course we didn’t have a reservation so we ended up just getting sushi. Again we attempted to go out but instead fell asleep because we are beach bums. Tomorrow we get another day in Noosa and then head to Fraser Island.