back to a long day of driving, complete with a mountain lion.

After two days in San Francisco, we were ready to leave and head to go see Napa Valley. We caught a quick breakfast in Washington Square && had this to look at while eating.

About forty senior citizens (all of asian decent) doing aerobics to some strange music in the park.

After the show, we headed to Napa Valley to go check out a winery. We chose              V. Sattui Winery since they had great reviews on yelp & yelp has not failed us yet. 

The vineyard was really pretty and we got to taste some really good cheese. Unfortunately, I did not get to taste any wine since we had a long drive ahead of us to Oregon, but I did buy a bottle for someone special. After hanging for a bit, we got back on the road en-route to Florence.

The weather was perfect outside & the scenery was gorgeous. So of    course it was a windows down kind of cruise. 

But our relaxation ended there since we ran into a wild fire. We were stopped bumper to bumper for about 45 minutes only to start driving & find out we had to turn around completely. It was either sit on the side of the road for god knows how long, or take a 3 hour detour.

So we went swimming instead!

Saw this really strange tree. It was like plastic on one side & burnt bark on the other.

Then we got back onto the road and chose to take the 3 hour detour up the coast. 

Got to see the sunset again.

Then we made it to Oregon around midnight. WE SAW A MOUNTAIN LION on the side of the road. Obviously terrified to get out of the car, we were unable to take our traditional state sign picture, so this is all we got.

We made it to our motel around 2:30 in the morning, to find the office closed. They were nice enough to leave me a note on the door telling me where I could find my room key.. under the door matt.. Tomorrow we are going to see the sea lion caves and then head to Portland.

lets try exploring San Fran one last time.

Today, we got back into our usual routine of getting 
up early && going sight seeing.

First we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, which you couldn’t see, && headed to go see the Redwood Forest.

We pretended to be the Keebler Cookie Elves && play on the trees.

Then we played on a bridge

We wanted to experience the hills of San Francisco so we just drove around and got lost. We ended up at Twin Peeks which had the prettiest view of the city.

Stopped for some home-made hand-dipped decadent creamy treats.

After, we drove down Russian Hill, which is the most crooked road in the country.

I saw this sign when we were eating lunch on Haight && Ashbery street, and instantly loved it.

We wanted to go out for a nice dinner so we found this gem on yelp and it was so quant and perfect. The restaurant was light by candle light and we had a nice itaialn dinner, with some byob treats.

We decided to be bums again. Stay in drink some wine & watch A&E.
Tomorrow is the 1st of August, && we plan on starting off the month
in Napa Valley.

highway one, paradise.

Today was our last day in Los Angeles, so Beth took us to the beach.

We went to Paradise Cove in Malibu, where Baywatch was filmed.

After a short trip to the beach we had to leave && head to San Fransisco. Obviously do excited but we thought Gary should look good for San Fran so we gave him a bath.

Then, we hit up the infamous Highway 1. When I say it was

beautiful, that’s an understatement.

Pictures truly don’t do it justice. By far, this has been my favorite thing to see.

&& of course we had to get out an go play on the rocks. 

&& then it was back to the road.

We watched the sunset on the side of the road, on this private vista we found.

So corny, I don’t care, we found this heart shaped rock that was cracked into three pieces & we obviously took it as fate and kept them.

After we watched the sunset, we got back on the road && had to finish our drive to San Francisco in the pitch dark.

At least we had a lighthouse to illuminate the way.

We had dinner at Denny’s. Clearly a perfect fit for us as you can see by the Philly tour of America menu. Bri was super excited for the meal, as you can see by the picture below.

Today was probably my favorite sight seeing day thus far. The beach and the view off highway 1 were the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  Honestly pictures don’t come close to actually experiencing it. It was the midpoint of our trip and do far my favorite day. We reached our hotel in San Francisco at 1:30 in the morning. Tomorrow we explore.

Our path is set

Our path is set for our footsteps to follow. I cannot believe we leave in a couple of days!

So much left to do, so little time.

I added a picture our itinerary that I wrote down in my sketchbook journal. If anyone has any suggestions of where else to go or anything you can think of please let me know!