one last drive up the coast.

We checked out of the Old Town Inn around 10:30 and got breakfast at this little place across the street. It sucked. Then we drove ten minutes down the road to the Sea Lion Cave. There weren’t any sea lions in the cave, which sucked. But there were a crap ton on the edge of the water.

After the caves, was our last drive up the west coast. It was equally as beautiful as southern California, just significantly colder. We stopped to see the Devil’s Punchbowl and got to see some whales!

A whale!!

We had to head inland to get to Portland, so we had to say good-bye to the beautiful scenery and say hello to pretty Portland.

Obviously stopped to see some Christian Grey spots. 
&& then we stopped for some cupcakes

After our snack we went to the top of Portland to get a cool view.

We left Portland around 18:00. I really liked it there. A very quite but super cute little city.

After making it to Washington && checking into our motel (which for $40 was really nice) we had another stay in & eat pizza hut while falling asleep with it in bed night. Tomorrow we get to see Mount Saint Helen’s && head to Seattle.

being lazy in San Francisco.

Today was our relax and be lazy day.

We didn’t get up till 10:30 and didn’t leave the hotel till around 12:30. We stayed in the Union Square district at the Hotel Metropolis.

We got breakfast at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe. Bri found it on the Diner, Dives & Drive-ins app. It was pretty good and the line to get in wasn’t too long.

After breakfast, we hit up the hills of San Francisco, which absolutely sucked, but the scenery was nice. Took the cable car to Fishermen’s Wharf.

Got to see Alcatraz

&& then hung on pier 39 with some sea lions.

This is Stewart. He is sleeping.

After seeing the sea lions we were hungry so we got some snacks on the pier.

We wanted to get a cool view of the city, so we walked up the hill to Coit Tower && checked it out.

We were pretty exhausted after walking around up & down the hills, & the constant on the go activities so we went back to the room, && ordered Dominos Pizza for dinner. We had full intentions of going out that night but instead, we feel asleep like bums with pizza in our beds. Oops. Hopefully tomorrow will be better since we were fully rested for it.