swamp boats & bugs in the bath tub.

We somberly left New Orleans but ecstatically drove to Marrero, LA to the Barataria Swamp. I was pretty much jumping in my seat and couldn’t stop grinning while en-route for our airboat tour.

While on the way, Katie & I, decided to ghost ride the whip while stuck in traffic. 

& then we finally made it on to the boat.

The pictures really don’t do the swamp justice & how beautiful it really is.
& then there was Larry, the baby alligator.
After we left Larry & the swamp, we made our way to Texas. We drove 9 hours straight to Austin.
& ended up here, at the Extended-Stay Deluxe Austin around 1:30….
There was bugs on the floor, there was bugs on the walls and there was bugs all in the bath tub.
Oh, and also under katies pillow. The three of us slept on top of the covers and had a 3-way spoon. Needless to say,

NEVER stay at a place that recieced only one smiley face

on travilocity’s website, no matter how much money your saving.

Our path is set

Our path is set for our footsteps to follow. I cannot believe we leave in a couple of days!

So much left to do, so little time.

I added a picture our itinerary that I wrote down in my sketchbook journal. If anyone has any suggestions of where else to go or anything you can think of please let me know!