Wonder, explore, play in the grass

It took us a little bit to get going in the morning due to the previous night’s dance off. Neither of us were feeling too hot so Holly suggested me have the most delicious Lindt chocolate milk shake to make us feel better


After, we took a walk to the Royal Botanical Gardens and passed the remnants left from White Night;






It was so beautiful out we decided to just hangout and roll around in the grass.


&& then hols fell asleep


Melbourne, White Night welcoming party.

Today was my last day with Erika 😦 As you can see below, our moods are less than elated;
20140227-191229.jpgI really miss my Asian :(((((((20140227-191849.jpg
My flight from Sydney to Melbourne was super quick, a little over an hour. When I arrived, I to took the bus to Southern Cross Station and was reunited with my favorite English turned Aussie ex-roommate. Our reunion would have been worthy of a Hallmark card.
20140227-191930.jpgWhen we got back to the apartment I found Tom bummin it on the couch due to his casted foot 😦  You can note him in the background of Holly’s impeccable decorating.  20140227-191948.jpg

One disappointing thing about Melbourne (Melbin, frigging aussies are to lazy to pronounce letters correctly) is that the weather isn’t constantly 35 degrees (80 degrees fahrenheit) The people of Melbourne say you can have 4 seasons in 1 day, which is inconvenient because you always have to have a jacket on you. &&& my stupid ass didn’t pack a single long sleeve item or a pair or pants because I assumed it was hot and sunny every day in this country. So holly had to drag me to a cheap clothing store equivalent to Forever 21 called Cotton On to get some suitable clothing. After, I got to take my first proper shower in 2 weeks. Yes, I know it’s gross, but tis is the backpackers lifestyle.    20140227-192150.jpgI guess the people of Melbourne know I was coming because they threw this huge event called White Night, which over 300,000 people attended. It’s an artist festival where they shut down the streets and have artistic displays of music, lights, dance and large scale installations on display for the city to enjoy. The building light displays were so beautiful, they projected images on the buildings which were constantly moving and changing images, && the details were so amazing.








We stopped into this bar off the street for some drinks and saw an opportunity; an empty dance fool & an eccentric DJ. We stormed the dance floor & were dancing like the loons that we are for 10 minutes before the this crazy asian man wanted a dance off. With the dance floor still to ourselves + the crazy asian, everyone in the bar was watching, half in awe, half hysterically laughing at our dance battle, after a couple minutes everyone wanted in & before we knew it the floor was packed.20140227-193432.jpg



20140227-193526.jpgIf you were wondering, he kindof kicked our asses.