Seventeen Seventy rock climbing/cliff jumping

So this place was best place we’ve gotten to crash at thus far. This was our view from out back of the van in the AM:


Group consensus was to chill there for the day. We went off exploring & found some pretty serious rocks to climb & jump off of. See below our location on the peninsula;


After we climbed we decided to jump. I almost chickened out šŸ˜¦






Trees here are pretty weird. They kinda look upside down because the smaller limbs are on the bottom and thicker on top:::20140224-092952.jpg

Before we left for Airlie Beach & the Whitsunday’s, we stopped in a park and made lunch.20140224-093013.jpg




20140224-093241.jpg5 Hours & 1 cop encounter later we arrived in Airlie Beach a little after midnight. I made some taco’s for my mexican friends & then we drove around for about an hour on an almost empty tank of gas looking for a place to park. We found one & it wasn’t the most beautiful but it did its job. Tomorrow we go on our day trip on the Whitsunday’s and then have to immediately drive 8 hours to Cairns so we can drop the van off, and make our 6:45am flight.


Fraser’s pt3; last day :(

6:00am, no joke, we were awoken by Brett blaring this song in his truck:

Thanks buddy. We had to get up so we’d be able to make it to Lake Wabby before the tides came in. Me & team E packed up camp, since we’d never be returning and headed out one last time.


Lake Wabby is a 3.5 mile hike through the forest & is located directly adjacent to a sand blow. Clearly it was a struggle for me & Erika.


Jenny, Erika & I forgot our sleds so we instead rolled down into the lake.

After our entrance Erika and I made another sandman and then climbed on top of tres Mexicans.


We trucked it back through the jungle and then headed toward the ferry to take us away from Frasers šŸ˜¦


20140223-130751.jpgWas not a fun trip back; beacuse A. we were leaving fraser’s and all our new friends we met & B. I almost fell off the ferry.

When got back to Rainbow beach, we were planning on heading on down to Sydney & stopping at Surfers Paradise. Butttt since every single person we talked to said we had to go see the Whitsunday’s we reconsidered. Since theĀ tres amigos were going up there as well the following day, we decided to join forces && drive up together. So basically we are doing a huge circle and back tracking but whats ever, thats the luxury of not making reservations in advance.


Alejandro got worn out from doing his Mexican duties.Ā 20140223-132422.jpg

20140223-132504.jpgThe Whitsunday’s are a 12 hour drive from Rainbow Beach so we stopped half way in the town of Seventeen Seventy which was a 4 hour drive. We found this awesome little parking lot at the top of theĀ peninsula, parked and passed out.

Oh, I forgot to mention that as I was backing out of the parking lot to leave rainbow, I backed into a fence, denting the side of the car & breaking the taillight. I’ve lost count of the Caitlin – Aussie standings, but I’ll call this one a draw since we have full insurance and won’t have to pay for it !! Oh and then as we were driving up to 1770, Erika hit a bird smashing the front headlight. Go us!!!!!